O Tannenbaum (Funky Christmas)

by The Salmons



It's the funkiest time of the year and the Salmons are here to bring you some groovy joy for the holidays.


Last Night I went out to get a Christmas Tree
When I went up to the Shopkeep he told me that aint Christmas Trees...
They called Tannenbaum

Got to get it, get it right
O Tannenbaum Baby, let me shake you all night (2x)

Papa told me all he wants for christmas is a tree
so i gotta get one for the whole family
It gotta be big and it gotta be green
it gotta be the greatest tree they have ever seen

all around the city the stores were closed
so I decided to drive further until i got lost
I looked through my windshield and what did i see
a motherfunkin reindeer that was lookin at me

I stepped out of the car and I had no fear
the reindeer had a red nose and it came very near
I saw a man in a suit and I ax him "whats your business?"
He said: "Hello little Boy, I'm Santa. Merry Christmas!"


Got to get it, get it right
O Tannenbaum Baby, let me shake you all night (2x)

could not believe that this was really Santa Clause
so he pulled his own beard with a huge amount of force
we had a laugh or two but then he said "Kurt!
you better get a christmas tree or you gonna get hurt!"

"But Santa dont you know that every shop is closed?
and my mother is allready cooking fancy pot roast"
"Allright funky Kurt, lets look for a Tannenbaum
so I can get up and you can get down!"

So we got on Santas Sleigh and flew up in the sky
when we saw the greatest tree which had grown very high
SC made a snap with the fingers of his hand
and down came the tree and he decided where to land

Oh Tannenbaum oh Tannenbaum
lets get on up lets get on down
Oh Tannenbaum oh Tannenbaum
its christmas time dont wear a frown


released December 23, 2016
Kurt Henry - vocal, drums, percussion, conga
Big T - vocal, guitar, percussion, mixing, tambourine
Basti - organ, bass


all rights reserved



The Salmons Berlin, Germany

This funky Soul-Trio has dedicated their time to making music that is unique and danceable.
They created a fascinating blend of their own styles with arrangements that suit their multi-instrumentalistic nature.

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