Jack Fruit

by The Salmons



let me tell you about the fruit, I learned to love
its tasty and nasty and all of the above
When I eat it I can feel it, how it powers me
a funky party of fruity energy

I got my fellas over here and we got to taste
this nasty-assty jackfruit with all our haste
we're gonna party all night long cause thats our thing
we're bringing women, funky music and our dingeling

This funky Jack Fruit Crave is the newest hit
if youre brave, smell and eat it, yeah deal with it
fellas, are you ready for the funky beat
hey you gonna love it, we gonna move your feet

now listen funky people, do the asian strut
it's the dance with your hands where you move your butt
Funky Jack fruit is the thing that you gonna do
so listen now to the sexy Salmons crew!

Delicious Jackfruit!
Glorius Jackfruit!
Nice Jackfruit!
Asian Jackfruit!

Glorius Jackfruit!
Delicious Jackfruit!
Tasty Jackfruit!
Asian Jackfruit!

Tasty Jackfruit!
Yummy Jackfruit!
Stinky Jackfruit!
Funky Jackfruit!

Tasty Jackfruit!
Yummy Jackfruit!
Stinky Jackfruit!
Funky Jackfruit!

Everybody in the house do you know what I mean?
I love this funky fruit with all my being
its got spikes, grows on trees, its a stinky treat
but in its heart it is yellow and got all you need

vitamin a and, b and carotene,
it vitalizes you and is on the scene
potassium, magnesium, manganese and iron
good for your blood makes you strong like a lion (roar)
Do it! Eat it! Taste that asian fruit
you gonna be delighted, its gonna be good
it's a funky, stinky, tasty, yummy asian crop
but when you getta taste, you'll never stop

One last thing that I gotta say
do the right thing to the end of your days
listen to the funk, cause it's your duty
eat some jack fruit, that is so fruity

So fruity! So fruity!
So fruity! So fruity!
So fruity! So fruity!
So fruity! So fruity!


released April 13, 2017
Kurt Henry - vocal, drums, organ
Big T - bass, vocal, guitar, percussion, tambourine
Basti - vocal, organ, mixing


all rights reserved



The Salmons Berlin, Germany

This funky Soul-Trio has dedicated their time to making music that is unique and danceable.
They created a fascinating blend of their own styles with arrangements that suit their multi-instrumentalistic nature.

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